Managing All Your Projects

Managing All Your Projects

Creatives tend to want to work on all the things all the time. This leads to overwhelmed paralysis and doing nothing well. Is there a secret to how many projects we can manage at once? Well, recent research has shown a trend that proves that there is indeed a secret.

In this episode of Doers Shakers Makers, I talk about what that secret is and about not only how many projects you should aim to have going at once but I answer a few other questions as well. You’ll find out:

  1. How many projects can you work on at once?
  2. What is a project?
  3. What are the stages of a project?
  4. When is a project finished?
  5. How can you manage of all these projects?
  6. Do projects happen only in work?
  7. How can you fit multiple projects and interests into your life?

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode. If you want to chat more, please reach out!

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