Long Terms Goals

Long Terms Goals

There’s a great deal more to long term goals then defining something that you want to achieve far in the future. The process itself and the exercise of thinking about the big picture and how all of the areas of your life work together is the real magic that comes from it.

In this episode of Doers Shakers Makers, I talk about the process of long term goal setting and why it’s important. You’ll hear about:

  1. Why you should set goals.
  2. Long term goals vs short term goals.
  3. What setting SMART goals means.
  4. The 5-7 areas of your life and goals.
  5. What 3 things long term goal setting make you pay attention to.
  6. The importance of allowing your long term goals to be fluid.

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode. If you want to chat more or find out how to work with Sierra, please reach out or visit mssierrabailey.com.

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