Living on the edge…

Living on the edge…

White Chocolate Madamia Nut Cookies & Peanut Butter Kisses

Well, on the edge of consuming so much sugar that I become diabetic (can you do that?), get sick and die.  I have mentioned before that I love to bake.  If you have been reading the blog for a few years, you may recall the great rainbow cake experience of 2010.  It seems however that moving to Austin has pushed my baking bug into overdrive.  This is somewhat unfortunate as I see considerably less people in my day to day life and therefore have no one to eat all of these confections.  So guess who eats most of them…yeah, that’s right…this girl.  Sadly I end up tossing a good deal of baked goodies in the trash to 1. save my waistline from not being able to fit into the wedding gown I have already ordered and 2. because after a week of sitting on the counter, I’m not sure it’s safe to be eating frosted goodies.


I have however realized that even if my efforts are not all gobbled up, my love of baking grows stronger more and more every year.  Baking is my go to activity when I’m super busy with work and need a break.  It forces me to slow down, take my time following directions and I get to clean…which always makes me feel better.   The best part is that when its all done, I get a yummy treat.  With all that goes wrong in the design process and the continuous need to obtain new knowledge to run a website and a business, its wonderful to know that you still can take a few simple ingredients from the pantry and create something so wonderful.

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting

So today I have decided to let myself live a little on the edge and bake to my hearts content.  I started trolling google for awesome baking blogs to add to my reader and inspire me.  There is one blog I read that occasionally features a cupcake recipe.  I have jumped up from my computer mid post on almost every single one to bake them…even the Vegan recipe which tasted kind of like water but were surprisingly moist.  It’s actually that impulse that has held me back from reading blogs dealing exclusively with baking…but I’m not holding back anymore!!  I already have my eye on making red velvet cake balls covered in white chocolate for Valentine’s Day…yum!

Do you read (or write!) any baking blogs?  I would love recommendations…please share in the comments below!

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