Let’s talk about soup

Let’s talk about soup

Hearts of Palm Soup

This winter I wanted soup. It was cold and damp, basically the kind of weather that just begs for it. I also was feeling too lazy to make it from scratch. I however have been eating Paleo for a good amount of time and was having issues finding canned soup that is legume, dairy, grain, potato and corn free. Well besides tomato soup which I strongly dislike. It was sad. Then I stumbled upon this amazing hearts of palm soup and it was like the skies opened and you could hear angels sing! I love the one with spinach so much that I never got around to trying the one with sweet potato…but imagine thats good too. Thank you, Costa Rica!

Cold Soup

Fast forward to recent times and my wisdom tooth surgery. I wanted to stock up on soup but for some reason my HEB had not stocked the hearts of palm soup in ages and I had already eaten what they did have. The first week I gave in and ate ramen as I could eat so little food that I needed the carbohydrates and it was so soft and lump free. However, by the second week, I was back to normal except for the continued mouth pain, so although wanted soft foods, I was back to wanting what I normally eat. I was mainly lacking in vegetables and as my diet is normally about 85% vegetables, this was making me feel not so great. Adam picked up a box of the heb brand orange soup that can be served warm or cold and thought it could be the answer. He was almost right, except we both missed the dairy ingredient and it did not agree with me. But that made me think that looking into cold soups might be a good idea. As we’re in Austin, Texas, it’s hot most of the year, so we therefore have a large section of cold soups at the local heb. Which gave me such hope, until I discovered that sadly almost all contain one of the ingredients I avoid. I did however find a few cold fruit soups which were delicious but a bit more on the dessert spectrum and these amazing Cold Soups pictured above. They are a little chunky (which was a teeny problimatic after dental surgery, but not an issue normally), are each a serving of veggies and are paleo. I even like the tomato! They’re perfect for when I’m in the middle of something in the studio and don’t have time to prep or eat a meal, but need fuel.

I haven’t checked out the selection at Whole Foods or Central Market yet as I have not had time to grocery shop at two places, but I suspect they may have more options in this direction. If not, I’m not really bothered as I now have both hot and cold options that I love. What are your favorite soups? Are you a fan of cold soup?


p.s. I am still eating paleo about 90% of the time and really happy with it. The other 10% is due to Adam and I making a pact that if we go out to eat, I cannot be obnoxious with dietary restrictions and he cannot be picky.

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  1. I love all soup. Cold, hot, you name it. Have you tried watermelon gaspacho?

    My go-to soup that I make at home is a Korean beef & radish soup (the giant white one, not the little red ones. ) P.J. loves it too. Here’s a recipe link: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/soegogi-muguk I think it’s pretty paleo-friendly, too.

    A time saver I occasionally splurge on is using the app Instacart to order my groceries from Costco, HEB or Whole Foods. I usually do a weekly shop at both Costco & HEB to fill in certain items they don’t carry at Costco.

    1. I have had watermelon gazpacho but never made it, as soon as I read this all I could think was how wonderful that sounded! I will for sure look into the Korean beed and radish, that too sounds amazing, thank you!

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