Last Hurrah in the Big Apple!

Last Hurrah in the Big Apple!

This past weekend Adam was visiting and as he had never been to NYC and in a few short weeks, I will no longer be a resident of the Empire State, we decided to spend a long weekend in Manhattan.  Without planning out anything before hand, we ended up fitting in a ton of stuff and I felt like I gave the big apple a proper farewell and at the same time giving Adam a proper introduction!

Friday night we checked into the Hudson in mid town and met up with Adams childhood friend Lindsey and my friend Matthew who I went to school with at Syracuse for dinner at Freemans Alley in the lower East side.  After an awesome dinner, Adam, Matthew and I ventured off into the night to a pub where we ran into another classmate of Matthew’s from SU…how weird is that?  The boys were in the mood for some Karaoke, so we headed to 2nd street where we found both Karaoke and following an hour or so of questionable singing, a bar that the three of us lasted about two minutes in.   At this point it was 2 am and where else would we have gone, but Times Square!  We ate hot dogs under neon lights and then called it a night.

NY_ZooSaturday we had brunch with my sister Gillian and her boyfriend Javier and then headed off to the Central Park Zoo.  It was the perfect size to wander around and not get overwhelmed and so much fun.  The boys then wanted to check out the big Nike store, and Gilly and I perused Chanel and Miu Miu where I had no desire to look at Fall clothes as it was 95 degrees out.

NY_DinnerAfter an afternoon out and about, we dressed for dinner and headed to The Porter House in the Time Warner building for oysters, the most delicious steak on the planet and fantastic scotch.  I learned that I now prefer steak so rare that I should order “extra rare” so its not charred black and blue style.  Mouth watering awesomeness is what it is.

NY_ShakeI though of going to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolates, but we decided to go visit Gilly at the Shake Shack she manages and have a delicious shake for dessert instead.  We also had Gilly there with us to take dorky photos of us…love it.

NY_YankeesvvSunday we went to a Yankees Game with Gilly and Jav, and it was awesome, they won…we had cotton candy, beer and hot dogs.  It was perfect.

NY_Yankees2We meant to go home on Sunday night, but decided to stay on until Monday and I was so happy that we did!  Jav lives in the Financial District so after the game we visited Ground Zero and wandered down by the water where we could see Lady Liberty off in the distance.

NY_LadyLibertyWhile deciding on dinner, the four of us played cards and had cocktails on Javs deck which was like a little jewel filled with flowers and teak deck furniture amid the mass of concrete around of us.

NY_BrooklynBridgeWe opted on a fantastic Sushi restaurant with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and copplestone streets outside the open doors.

After dinner, Adam and I headed back to our hotel and finished the weekend off with fantastic live blues at Terra Blues on Bleecker Street.  We sat in candle light with a great selection of scotch and even managed to get a dance in before we called it a night.

NY_SushiIt was an amazing weekend, the majority of it spent smiling like we are above and saying a proper farewell to nyc!

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  1. Sierra,
    What a touching and action-packed send-off to the city. All the best. You will be missed. kk

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