Keeping the momentum going

Keeping the momentum going

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I have found that in being self employed, I tend to take slow times personally.  The result of this is that when I’m not working on a big important project, I feel like a failure.  It sounds worse than is and is actually rather common among those of us who type of work comes in waves or seasons.  My goal has been to either always have new projects coming up or if that is not possible, to use the downtime productively instead of wallowing in self pity.

However, right now I am in the midst of a string of one big project after another combined with an average of 2 shows a week.  The projects are business, personal and philanthropic in nature and pretty varied but I’m still feeling exhausted right now.  I understand that I can’t go full throttle at all times, but am so afraid that if I loose the momentum, I won’t get it back for awhile.  Being busy and working on many projects effectively gets more projects going so I’m worried it will create a slump that I can’t afford to be in.

Does anyone else go though this or something similar with owning your own business?  How do you deal with the balance of full speed and rest, I would love to hear your thought!

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  1. I am the same way! I know myself well enough to know that I will fret constantly during my “down time” instead of enjoying the rest. My husband says these months are crucial for me to test new products, build holiday stock, and relax, but my brain doesn’t always agree.

    1. I know! I am so bad at the using down time effectively game!! My new favorite thing is that when I have pile of work, I just want to take a nap 😉

  2. Sierra,
    I feel your pain! I think scheduling yourself to keep busy is the right way to go, like you said, with your own business/being self employed the discipline to keep going is really important. That said, I would suggest also building in down-time (with tasks scheduled after) so that when you do take a break, you don’t fall into a void! But I have recently gone full-time myself and am going through the same challenges. Where it seems like there is nothing but work in sight, but when the *business* end slows, you panic. It’s just a matter of keeping an eye on the bigger picture and to keep on truckin’. All the best to you!

    1. Peggy, we go through so much of the same woes at the same time! So far, I have just been adding the projects on top of the pile…whew this holiday season just may kill me!

  3. I recently changed up my fitness routine from barre and mat classes (before that was personal training) and have recently begun a bikram yoga practice. An hour and a half at least 5 days a week dedicated to more or less ‘breathing’. The workout is intense overall but the breathing is helping me in all facets of my life.

    1. Hey Sher! Yeah, I have realized that without regular exercise, I feel like a basket case…so very, very true!

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