I’ve never like Sundays…

I’ve never like Sundays…


As a kid, Sundays were the worst days.  Saturdays were jam packed with early morning cartoons, fun adventures and sleepovers and then cam Sunday.  Everybody had to go back to their own homes, and it was sleepy and quiet.  As an adult, I’m still not a fan.  In my years in the bar/restaurant world I preffered to work Sundays as at least it made go by faster.  As my work life is now focused online, it gets even more depressing as the crazy busy sites of the weekdays are a ghost town come Sunday.

I declared my distaste of Sundays to Adam a few months ago and made a promise to my self to try and make it better for myself.  Its been going pretty well!  In an ideal world I would hang out with girlfriends on Sundays and gab away the day, but rarely two of our schedules align.  However today is one of those wonderful Sundays where the sun is shining, I’m meeting a new friend for coffee and then off for family time and birthday celebrations with nieces and nephews.  Now that’s a Sunday I can get on board with!

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