Its that time again…

I have been preparing for The Sampler this week, although I forgot Monday was a holiday so I will have to pay a fortune to get it to California by Thursday, but other then that I have been right on schedule with my preparations. This month I am sending in 20 pairs of earrings for the editorial sampler as well and I am spending the afternoon putting them together.

I am exhausted from this week end, very busy at work and my allergies are still annoying me, although I did realize that the sleepiness form the allergies is nothing compared to what the allergy meds were doing to me, I felt as though I were under water all the time, it was horrible. I do have one more night before this weekend is over…not sure if I will be standing around or chaotically busy yet.

I do plan on spending the afternoon tomorrow with Gilly and Thea at my moms, taking advantage of the pool and hanging with the fam, I will most likely spend most of that time working on my new project…not revealing anything yet, but I have finally started working on a painting idea I have been wanting to do for a long time, and so far I love it!

Also, the custom necklace I made last week went over wonderfully, yay!

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