It’s like magic for product photography…

Last Summer I went to the Time Out NY offices to be photographed and interviewed while making a Button Ring for their How To column.  It was fun to be interviewed in person, when so often its through email or on the phone these days, and I had a great time goofing around with Rachel and Roxana during the shoot.  I also realized that you should NEVER walk around Manhattan all day in the summer months and then be photographed for a magazine without putting some effort into how you look…but thats for an entirely different post!

The point of this post is that I discovered a great secret for product photography that day, which I promptly forgot about until about 14 months later…but I did finally remember, ordered some last week and its AWESOME!!

The secret is…wait for it…White Plexiglass.  Magic.  I now use a light tent, fabric background, 4 lights, a tripod digital camera, manequin and now a piece of plexiglass…but the amount of time I have to spend in photoshop keeps growing smaller!STE082Side

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