Its a mad, mad, video world

Its a mad, mad, video world

I have been avoiding Vine. Mainly because the thought of having something worthy of recording on video every day is daunting. As I have been doing studio videos for the past two months, I can say that I have to work up to them during the week. Sometimes, I just don’t have the mojo to go through with it. Perhaps this is because I prep some parts, like the jewelry being shown or what topic I will discuss, but just wing it with what I say. It also has to do with the fact that I do not wear makeup during the week when I am just working with my studio manager. Perhaps its vain to not go on video unless I am wearing makeup, but its the truth.

I am however pretty intrigued by Instagram introducing video. I like that auto play can turned off and that you can choose the frame to display as your main image. Basically it allows me to keep the integrity of how I already know IG intact while allowing me to dip my toe in the insta-video waters. I am realizing though (and trying to get comfortable with it) that it is futile to avoid video in the marketing Manic Trout. So I am trying to embrace it with baby steps. Very baby steps…I have posted 1 lone video on IG. Embryonic steps.

If you’re wondering, I did in fact get around to making a video this week and in it, I layer necklaces like a boss.

Are you curious to see more of the studio videos? Boom! There’s a Manic Trout YouTube Channel for just that. If you don’t already follow along on IG, you should now do so @manictrout.

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