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So the other I was reading a magazine and they had one of those…”whats in your bag” things, and once again I was all jealous that I have not had a chance to do that. I was moments ago reading Fashion is Spinach in which Ms. Spinach was giving a history of her blog and referenced to the same desire to have her bag contents shared…so she shared her own…and I thought…I can do that too! So we are now going to play the what is in my bag game…yay!

1. The bag itself is rafe…I love it!!!! Its as soft as butter, fits tons of stuff and has vintage brass all over it!

2. The wallet is Ferragamo and is exactly my dream wallet…you may read the whole story of the search here

3. Sunglasses are Prada…big and black with a funky silver wave on the sides and perfect to hide behind.

4. The one thing I no longer could live without…I am sad and addicted to my BlackBerry.

5. I always have business cards on me and found the perfect case from Baekgaard this fall…it matches my cards exactly!

6. ipod…its my second one, I actually wore out my first one!

7. More keys then a janitor…car, house/po box, office at work and a set for the restaurant.

8. Moleskin notebook and pen for doodling design ideas.

9. The coolest tampon case ever! My friend Sheryl gave it to me a few years ago and its perfect!

10. Altoids…wintermint and ginger, which are hard to find and I love!

11. A mirror I bought many uears ago in new york city, have carried it ever since.

12. Mac Pink Poodle lip gloss, so pretty and pink…I also usually have a tube of Clinique Juicy Apple, which is the most flattering lip gloss I have ever owned.

13. I always carry a book…and I try to have short stories…I have also read American and Irish Girls About Town…great books!

14. Requisite Bling from Manic Trout.

15. Burts Beezwax, I have tubes of it everywhere!

16. Kiehls Unusually Rich But Not Greasy At All Hand Cream, between the bar and manic trout I have very abused and dry hands.

17. Random hair do dads

That was so fun! I’ll check back in when I switch to summer!

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