In celebration of winter…

I was all sorts of elated tonight when I came home from yoga as I did my first hand stand all by myself tonight!  No spotter, just 1, 2…and up my legs went!  Mind you, this occurred today and not Tuesday when it should of but did not as I freaked out and couldn’t do it unless Rouben standing next to me…out of fear of what, I don’t know.  Today however, I took a deep breath and got my ass in the air.  I was so excited that I yelled out “I DID IT!” right after I was finished…I couldn’t help it. Thankfully there are only four of in the class and they all saw me Tues, so they understood.

You can imagine that I was therefore all sorts of happy when I got home and after I had a big cup of tea I was raring to go!  I promised I would make a big batch of Venison Stew to bring to my favorite group of manly men for lunch tomorrow so I enthusiastically started chopping.   I ended up getting into such a groove in the kitchen, that I whipped up a big batch of my ginger snaps for dessert.  I am so happy I decided to do this for two reasons…

Ginger Snaps
image by me

1. My apartment is now filled with aromas of stew and cookies.  2. Cookie dough.  Ahhh, winter has arrived, and its its freezing out already!!  You’ll be happy to know that I was very well behaved and ate just enough cookie dough to make me happy and not too much that I want to lie down.  Which is good news because I have oodles to do as so many wonderful peeps ordered jewelry today, yay!  I am now off to play Santa…er…elf…er…trout?

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