If only we could just click our heels three times…

If only we could just click our heels three times…

Hey everyone Adam here, so I figured this week we would talk about moving. Sierra and I are going to be moving into a new rental house soon, we found a great for rent house Innisfil but decided to move to a different location in the end. The apartment at the minute is too small and we want a backyard. Moving is always a pain in the ass. Sierra owns a lot of different items, furniture, knick knacks, clothes, pots and pans etc. and the list goes on and on. I on the other hand only have clothes a T.V. and a Playstation. I do believe we will be hiring movers. This is where the huge difference between men and women in this particular situation comes into play. If you had a cleaning lady when you were growing up you will completely understand what I am about to talk about. Remember when your mom would make you clean like the whole house before the cleaning lady came….baffling right!? I have no doubt in my mind that’s what going to happen to me but on a moving level. We are going to hire these movers and I am still going to have to do 99% of the work. I don’t think in any manner Sierra (women in general) is going to be having fun moving but she loves organizing (as do most women) so I don’t think it will be as painful for her. I am so excited to move but moving belongings sucks. Seeing as the movers and I are going to have to use our big muscles to move most the stuff, I am really not looking forward to it. Sierra and I have been together almost a year now, so I am bachelor status with personal belongings still. Sierra owns a lot of really great and nice stuff, and then we will get new stuff together from here on out. We have already moved all our stuff once this year ughhhh so not looking forward to it. I am so excited to spend my life with such a wonderful an amazing women as Sierra, but I sure am going to miss easy moves and owning a small amount of material items.

Hey Sierra here,
I cannot even believe that I have to move again next month. I dread it. I love moving every few years because its great motivation to clear out unwanted furniture, clothes and house wares, but I just moved from New York to Texas last August, and I got rid of so much stuff that there is no positive side this time. Well except for more space. The good news is that I got rid of the majority of my massive books collection (about 4000 books no longer have to be boxed and moved!) as Adam would be a lot less positive about our upcoming move if it still existed. Truth be told though, I am a nester. I love having a home which is my sanctuary…being able to quietly decompress or entertain my favorite people is incredibly important to me and both of those things require a great deal of stuff. The amount of dishes I have is spectacular! I also have a studio full of the materials for my jewelry business and as I work at home…well, its just more to pack and move. As much as Adam thinks I will find this a joyous experience, I wish I could click my heels three times and be done with it, just because I’m organized does not mean I enjoy moving! Unfortunately though, between my organizational skills and ocd tendencies, I’m pretty sure I will never be able to let movers do the packing. I doubt I’ll be able to let Adam pack much either…he doesn’t really understand the concept of wrapping dishes in paper…but he least he’s already understanding that I too clean for the cleaning lady!

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