I want this for my studio!

This year I had a really hard time deciding on my calendar, I was torn at the end between the Stendig and the Pentagram…both Typography large format calendars. I went with the Pentagram mainly because the days of the week start on Mondays with the Stendig. Fyi, I really wanted a Pirelli calendar, but they are hard to come by, especially when you wait until January to order…but seriously I may buy the Pirelli Calendar book, as it will fit perfectly into my nudie book collection. Sidetracked…I just saw my new dream calendar though, from Christiaan Postma, and I wish I had a large enough wall to house it, because…WOW! I love the idea of the whole year laid out and scheduled right on the wall…its like my huge calendar, blackberry and filing wall all rolled into one!

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