I somehow agreed to a day at Six Flags

I somehow agreed to a day at Six Flags

Boomerang Coaster

I’m not a roller coaster person. At all. I believe I vomited on Space Mountain when I was 6, and thats like the sissiest of all coasters. The last ride I went on was the salt and pepper shaker with my sister Thea about 12 years ago. A few seconds off the ride and I was calling it quits and swearing to the ride gods that I would never climb aboard again. Whenever the suggestion gets brought up to spend time at an amusement park, I respectively bow out and explain that I would be a total drag to everyones fun.


And then last weekend happened. I’m still not sure how it did, but there I was…at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I was really the third wheel to Adam and his friend, which meant they were ride buddies and I was free to snap photos, wear a cape and stare in paralyzed fear at rides I was not even getting on.


I did go on 1 ride…The Gully. I was told by a nice lady who was there with her kids that she will only go on that ride too and her sons tease her that it’s the baby ride. It was a tube that 8 people sit in, and instead of a the scary scaffolding, it was water transporting us along. It was lovely, we got splashed and cooled down, and then the guys when on the next ride of lunacy.


I waited in line a few times with them and then just stepped through the cart and exited, which to my surprise did not involve heckling by the line waiters. Although I did have one dad offer his 10 year old daughter to sit next to me and hold my hand if I wanted to brave it, a sweet thought but I declined. I’m still thankful that I did that, that coaster looked insane!


Fortunately there are plenty of things to do at Six Flags that do not include rides of death. I found a candy store, had a Wonder Woman cape won for me and even dinged the bell in the strong man hammer game, which meant that I won a squid hat! The only ride other than the Gully that I had any interest in was the swing tower, but I ate too much candy and felt ill, so I thought it best to keep my feet on the ground after all.


I was most thankful though that we did not go next door to the free water park. Thats where I draw the line. Did you ever see Along Came Polly with Ben Stiller? Remember the scene about the bar peanuts. Feces. That’s all I can think when water parks are brought up…that’s theres so much fecal matter in the water and then I shudder (for effect of course).


Anyway…back to the safe side of the park…even though I only made on 1 ride, it made Adam so happy that I went with them, so there you go. Sometimes that what matters.


Well, that and the possibility of this outfit.

p.s…those sunglasses have Candy Queen printed on them.

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