I like the build up best of all…

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I’ve been thinking a great deal about the busy times of business recently.  Manic Trout follows the basic patterns of retail shopping, I get busier leading up to holidays and March and July are the slowest months of the year.  The busiest is hands down what I realize to be only about three weeks of absolute chaos before Christmas.  It’s almost my favorite time of year.  What I prefer though is the week before it hits.  The anticipation as I (hopefully!) watch the press roll in and prepare the site and studio so they are in tip top shape to be part of the behind the scenes that make the holidays special is pretty adrenaline pumping.  I haven’t been able to fall asleep all week.  I’ve also gone back and forth with my worried ramblings between “What if I’m not busy” and “What if I’m too busy” to the bf so many times that he just smiles at me as I continue on like a broken record, muttering both sides to myself every day or so.

I feel like yesterday was the first day to kick off the season for me, orders have been coming in for gifts for a few weeks, but all of a sudden a spike in stats has occurred and orders have multiplied over night.  Its really intense when all of a sudden your business increases 300% in one day and there’s a mixed emotions of “YES!”, Happy Dance time and “UH-OH”, panic mode.  I’m crossing my fingers that it is a bit crazy this year though and I have to admit that I can’t wait for it to be insane.  It’s kinda of like…oh dear god, here it comes…and away we go!!!

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