I know I love water, but come on!

I was so lucky to have had such a wonderful Sunday and Monday in Manhattan this week and I will tell you all about it soon, promise. However I am currently occupied with my home and studio as I returned late last night to find my apartment filled with 4 inches of water…again. Yes, this is the second flood I have had in 4 years. Nothing major was ruined, although I did loose all of my drawings (last time it was the watercolors) but I have photos of my favorites. There is alot of wet wood kitchen furniture as the pipes above the kitchen seem to always burst, but it will dry. A few dishes were hit with the falling ceiling and a bunch off odds and ends had to be thrown out…pads of drawing paper, jewelry boxes, bubble mailers and a few other things I could care less about, so I am actually really lucky.

The good news is that I still had all of the contact info for the flood specialists, plumber and handymen and called them all last night, so by this afternoon the pipe was fixed, the carpets and floors were ripped up and industrials dryers were put in place. The bad news is that in order to have the new floors installed, I have to remove everything from the apartment in a couple of weeks. Not fun. This included my studio, incredibly not fun. You can all feel sorry for me now…especially as I went through this a mere 2 years ago.

As far as the big picture goes, I’ve decided that this means its time to move to a new home for the next year or so I plan on living in Millbrook. I am hoping to move to an apartment in the same house that is actually bigger, but it may not happen. So I am in limbo. I have been being as positive as I can through all of this and have looked on every bright side and seen every silver lining…but this is still pretty hard to deal with right now.

On a more positive note, I have been getting ready to start announcing the new lines…and hopefully I can still get them out soon, just a smidge behind schedule. Until then, cross your fingers for me that I stay dry!

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