I had the most magnificent view yesterday….

…and I forgot to bring my camera…oops! In this modern word of blogs and technology, you start you feel that if you don’t have proof then it didn’t happen…kind of sad. I trekked up Stissing Mountain and then up the watch tower (which was so very Dazed and Confused) and had the most amazing view of mountains, hills, lakes and valleys…all in the early stages of fall…so unbelievably breathtaking. As I totally dropped the ball on sharing the visual, I will share this photo, which I have loved for a year or so and have been waiting for the perfect time to share it…

On my way to Stissing Mountain, I drove past a spot that could easily have been the location for this photo, and I instantly realized I found the perfect time to share!

Photo: Yossi Michaeli

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