I am moving back in!

Today marks the one month date of when my home flooded (see last post) and it is finally all fixed! I had to deal with my kitchen ceiling being rebuilt, having the mold removed, the carpets being ripped out and then the carpets being replaced…and in order for all of this to happen, the contents of my house have been put in the garage. Today I finally was able to move everything back in…Yay! I still have to put it all away, but at least it’s out of the garage (which leaks…I know) and I have decided to rearrange!

Until a month ago, I had my studio in both the dining room and the kitchen, while using my gigantic living room to occasionally watch a movie in. Well now I have my studio in the living room, the couches/tv as a cozy den in the dining room and my huge (never used) dining room table in the kitchen. I will post pictures when its all together…as well as the jewelry I managed to make, yet not photo’s could be taken as I had no idea where my camera was…ahhhh I am back home.

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