How to make an Inspiration Board

How to make an Inspiration Board

I try to redo the Inspiration Boards in my studio every other month or so, but honestly, as digital media is so prevalent in my life now, I have been letting my magazine subscriptions go.  This just means that I have to sometimes stockpile a few months to get enough images together to redo the massive boards I have.  Once I have a good sized stack to go through…it only takes an evening to redo them.

InspBoards_Feb_2012_011. Gather your materials.  I prefer fashion mags, but you can of course use whatever inspires you the most.  Then rip them apart, taking the mags apart like ripping a page off of a pad of paper will give you the best edges.  You just rip the page off from the top right and pull towards you actually taking apart the spine.  Save all of the images you find the most inspiring, I tend to stick to full pages because my boards are so large, but you can cut up smaller images too! I recommend you select enough images so you have leftovers and are able to edit.

InspBoards_Feb_2012_022. Once you have your images, it’s time to sort through them.  I tend to “theme” my boards without realizing it until I have the piles of images together. This month I had a red board and a bright color board.  In the past, I’ve had themes such as 50’s, Black & White and Moody.  It’s your inspiration…go with whatever feels right!

InspBoards_Feb_2012_033. Get your first theme together and edit again to see what does not fit when you start to look at them all together.

InspBoards_Feb_2012_044. Hang your boards.  Mine are 24 x 36 cork boards and I screwed in picture hanging d rings with wire between them on the back to hang them securely.  I find it easiest to stand on my desk and arrange images while the boards are already on the wall.  I tend to let the images hang off the sides, so it helps when the boards are in place to know the boundaries outside of them.

InspBoards_Feb_2012_055.  Now it’s time to pin! I have used many options of pins over the years, decorative, bottle caps, straight pins, ball pins…right now I’m into classic push pins in clear.  Again your choice.  Pin up your first image.  I find it easiest to work left to right in rows…similar to writing.

InspBoards_Feb_2012_066. Continue pinning your images.  I like to over lap a lot and arrange the pages with different angles angles…I feel its a better aesthetic.

InspBoards_Feb_2012_077. As you position images and see them next to one another consider the relationship between the images, the balance of colors and the cohesive effect of the images all together.  You can always take things out and put in different images if the finished look is unbalanced!

InspBoards_Feb_2012_088. Stand back and admire your work…you have created your first inspiration board! Yay!!

If you created a board, include a link in the comments below!

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