How to dress for the polar vortex

How to dress for the polar vortex

how to dress for the polar vortex

My sister Gillian is getting married on March 1st in NY. This means I have to fly to nyc for the weekend of the Feb 8th for her shower/bachelorette party in Atlantic City and then again for the wedding. I normally cringe and make double sure I pack correctly if I have to fly back east in Jan/Feb (last year Adam and I thankfully were prepared we were met with a blizzard upon arrival in NH in January!) but this year has me nervous with the super cold temps. In chatting with friends about these trips, I have been laughing about what I used to have to wear to stay warm all winter…well jokes on me because it looks like I’ll be wearing it again next month.

As I am preparing for my cold weather adventure, I thought I’d whip up a How To Wear It for any of you who are also north bound this winter and have no idea how to be prepared. Keep in mind that I have never lived in the areas of the country that have been getting to -50 temps like Minnesota, but being born in NH, living in NY for most of my life and attending Syracuse University gives me an expert opinion on dealing with temps in the -5 to 30 degree range for the winter months. It’s also oddly humid in the winter in the north east, so there is a specific soul sucking gold type of thing  going on as well.

I found the best defense is natural fibers as when you warmed up by going into a car, store or a crazy hot subway car, the unavoidable sweat would at least wick away from and dry fast. Silk long underwear is super thin and amazing at keeping bulk low. I have a pretty serious coat collection, but as soon at the temps dipped below freezing, it was down all the way, with a hat, a hood and sometimes a scarf. Boots with a thick lining are also key. Why are bloggers have been wearing wellies all over the place this winter is beyond me? Whose dumb idea was this? They are not warm at all…instead think moon boots or anything with at least thinsulate and carry a pair of shoes with you if don’t want to wear them at your destination. I have found that my leather Fryes and thick socks actually work pretty well if I’m only going for a day or two and won’t be spending more than few minutes outside. If you are planning on being outside for more than an hour or two, be prepared…you’ll thank me later. One last thought…itouch gloves so you don’t have to remove them to use your phone, a genius invention.

Have fun, stay warm and wish me luck!

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*disclaimer: I choose the clothing purely for how well the photos of them will look in these collages, not by price which is why I’ve included links to similar items.

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