How to dress for Thanksgiving

How to dress for Thanksgiving

How to wear it casual thanksgiving

Over the years I have celebrated Thanksgiving in all sorts of ways, I have gone to both small and large gatherings at family members homes, I have hosted (which was an epic fail but I’ll share that story next week), I have gone with family to friends houses, I have gone to in laws and friends of in laws houses, I have also gone out to restaurants a handful of times. Every one of these brought it’s own challenge with what to wear, but one thing seems to always be key at Thanksgiving…it’s the official kick off for the holiday party season and the prefect reason to start getting festive!

How to wear it dressy thanksgiving

I decided to approach this weeks How To Wear It with two versions. I kept all of the jewelry, the bag and the (forgiving!) top the same, but swapped out the jeans for a skirt and added heels to take this look from casual to dressy. All three pieces of jewelry I selected are prefect to wear together or mixed with other pieces throughout the holiday season and will instantly add a bit of festivity to any outfit.

So what are your plans for this year? I may be attempting to cook a turkey again this year…not sure yet but I think just in case I do, that you’d better start crossing your fingers for me now!

Tiece Young & Beautiful Earrings // Black Happy Pills Necklace // Modest Zsa Zsa Bling Ring

Bag (similar) // Silk Blazer (similar)

Casual: Jeans (similar) // Shoes (similar)

Dressy: Skirt (similar) // Shoes (similar)

*disclaimer: I choose the clothing purely for how well the photos of them will look in these collages, not by price which is why I included links to similar items.

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