How to dress for Halloween without wearing a costume

How to dress for Halloween without wearing a costume

how to wear the lost in space necklace

I’ll admit that I only get into the Halloween costume spirit every few years. I’ll also admit that in the recent past, I have gone as Wonder Woman 3 out of 4 years. The only weak excuse I can come with for why is because I have loved wonder woman since I was a kid and oh yes, because I can. Plus, every year that I wear the costume, I add to it a bit and at this point it’s pretty awesome…but I’m not really feeling it this year. I have been racking my brain for ways to dress appropriately for the party I’m going to Saturday, without wearing an actual costume. I’ve come to the conclusion that by wearing a spider necklace, I might be able to get away with just being in the Halloween “spirit” without actually doing anything. Then I saw this coat which led me to the pants which made me think that if I went for a biker chic look that I might be sort of in costume? Really I just wish I had an excuse to buy the coat. The pants would most likely require me to be about 8 inches taller to wear, so I can do without those. I’ll admit that I was also playing pretend dress up here as the cost of the whole thing is about the same as it would be to buy a new Fiat. So lets say that I’d be in the market for something similar to, not this actual outfit. The good news is that the jewelry is all amazingly affordable for how awesome it is!

Clio Lost In Space Necklace // Devin Little Bit Earrings // Holly Diamond Zsa Zsa Bling Ring in GunMetal // Anke Disco Science Braclet

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