How to dress for apple picking

How to dress for apple picking

how to wear it apple picking

Apple picking has always seemed a bit odd to me, “hey family, lets have some FUN and go pick our own food!”. That never really has seemed very fun, but tons of people flock to orchards in the fall to do so. These days, I’d say the biggest draw would be the lovely blog and instagram photos you would get from the outing. It’s a strange world we live in…anyway…you know you’ll be snapping all sorts of photos with your phone if you go, so you should look cute. In this case, cute should also be appropriate for reaching into trees and getting dirt on you. I suggest jeans, a cute flannel button down, comfy sneakers (in my experience, orchards can be muddy and wet) and a scarf if its chilly and top it all of with awesome Manic Trout jewelry…duh! You’d probably be perfect with a disco science bracelet…my gut tells me that you should wear wood if you’re around a lot of trees…and pretty earrings to catch the sun and draw attention to your beautiful face. The bling ring is a no brainer as it will make the photos of your hand reaching for an apple on a branch so much prettier.

Laila Disco Science Bracelet // Keserin Speak For Me Earrings // Modest Zsa Zsa Bling Ring with Rose Gold Setting

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