Hot Child in the Country

OK…I’m whining…its soooo hot out..and humid, ugh. All I want to do is sit in the bedroom where I have ac, but alas, as noted yesterday, the down time is slipping away and I have a lot to do. I went my moms today to swim and try to escape the heat for an hour or so, but the second I got out of the water I was all sorts of hot again…but it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I am trying to work on new samples for my favorite Sampler as its so humid I cannot get the resin to set properly, I figured now was the time to evolve a bit. I’m getting deja vu, I think I may have shared this already…

I also finalized the design for custom necklaces I am doing for a bridal party, so I need to make the other two of those, oh and some earrings…

Which reminds me that I never mailed that wholesale order out this afternoon, but I did get a chance to meet with my sisters friend and give her the custom necklace I made for her last night. Look at me go!

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