Holiday prep at the Manic Trout house
The bowls are increasing!! 1 bowl = materials for 1 necklace (but sometimes for up to 20 and that's hectic)

Holiday prep at the Manic Trout house

manic trout
The bowls are increasing!! 1 bowl = materials for 1 necklace (but sometimes for up to 20 and that’s hectic)

As anyone who owns a shop, is a maker or is involved in retail knows, the holidays are an entirely different time for us in it then for regular folks.  For instance, I usually buy gifts for my own loved ones on Christmas eve as I am so busy getting jewelry out into the world up until that point, that I typically forget.  I also have never decorated for the holidays as I wouldn’t notice if was there or not. However, and I say that with a deep breath…I am hosting Christmas for my family this year and as we are spread all over the US (Austin, San Fran, NYC and Boston), this means that decorations will be expected.

Luckily the fam will all arrive at different times throughout the 24th, so I plan on putting everything off until after my last ship day and show which are both on the 22nd.  I can do it all in 2 days, right?  Let’s stay positive as its getting chaotic all up in here as you can see above (it remains organized no matter what throughout it all thank goodness, but its still chaotic in that there is so much to do!!).  The next three weeks is going to be intense! The reality though is that I love it, I love the flurry of orders that comes in every day and the shows and weekly markets at this time of year when everyone if feeling festive.  Here’s to the kick off of an amazing Holiday Season everyone!!

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  1. I am just starting my own small business, and I look forward to the holiday rush that you are talking about. I hope to one day be as successful as you are with a studio of my own. Instead of creating work wherever I can, but I know everyone has to start somewhere :-).

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