Hey, that girl looks familiar…

Hey, that girl looks familiar…

Oh my goodness, that’s me…on TV!!! Very excited to share the interview I did with Sugar TV host and founder, Timmery Turner during Style X a few weeks ago. You can watch it at the link below.

From the Sugar website: “Sugar TV host and Sugar founder, Timmery Turner, got the opportunity to interview some of the country’s very talented emerging artists and designers at Austin’s STYLE X at SXSW during the Sugar Does America Tour.

We were quite impressed with the awesome talent we came across! Check out our featured talent and support emerging and underground artists by visiting their websites and coping some unique an one of a kind gear and artwork!!!”

How awesome was that?  Thank you Timmery!!

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  1. This video is funny to watch. Thank you for sharing and being as awesome as you are.

    1. Can you tell I was laughing most of the time…and they edited out my fist pump! Thank you for being supportive, very much appreciated!!

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