Hello, My name is Sierra and I am a Candyholic…

I have a problem with sugar…I fiend for it…it all goes back to not being allowed to have sugar of ANY form until I was six…we are talking no cakes, cookies, candies…nada. So when I was six and met my first marshmallow I came home and was extremely upset at my mother. I would sneak boxes of cake mix out of the pantry and sit in a closet while I ate it…I can actually vividly remember one day running through three horse fields to beat my mom home so I could eat a box of sugar before she arrived home.

The 25 years since that first marshmallow have been filled with as much sugar as I can lay my hands on without becoming a diabetic and this week is no exception…except I have finally realized that if I combat stress with candy AND exercise, I feel a tad bit better about it…I bring you my latest poison…as it happens every holiday, a seasonal tempting treat hits the shelves and as it has a limited time frame, I feel justified in my sugar induced comas…I give you Brach’s Autumn Mix…

So good, so sickly sweet, so filled with delicious dyes and syrups…

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  1. I love candy, fashion, decor, and all things beautiful. This is such a fun blog!! I love your store as well!!

    Thanks, Tonia

  2. Thanks Tonia! Much appreciated! ~Sierra

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