Grocery shopping monotony

Grocery shopping monotony

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Try as I might to change, I can’t seem to shake being a serial monogamist when it comes to what I eat. There are meals I can eat daily for years and years…such as an apple and peanut  butter before bed, my favorite watermelon salad when in season or frozen blueberries with milk and sugar in the summer. Besides these staples in my snacking repertoire, I pretty much will make the same few meals over the coarse of a week and repeat them for a few weeks until I’m bored of one or two of them. Then I break out of my rut and try something new and just swap it into the rotation.

post shopping pantry
I don’t mind eating like this but I’ve been trying to get a bit creative with at least the ingredients I normally shop for and mix it up, but sometimes, it’s just easier to go with what you know. I believe in baby steps, so my new favorite thing is to buy something totally random that I normally would never get and force myself to cook it that week.  That’s actually how the Turkey Chili came about last week, and it went over so well that I made it again today. See, it’s just so easy it to fall into a routine! This week, I have added steel cut oats to the pantry…although I’m sure if I will do anything other than breakfast with them, but its at least something.

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