From Sketchbook to Necklace: 5 Inspired Designs

From Sketchbook to Necklace: 5 Inspired Designs

As the whole point of this blog is the inspiration and digital sketchbook of my profession as a designer, I thought it would be fun to share the power of great inspiration.  Besides this digital version, I have three large boards hanging in my studio upon which I stick inspiring images and I keep a few small notebooks in which I create collages of inspiring images.  I admit that as the internet has such a plethora of images, I now update the books much less frequently.  I have also stopped subscribing to as many magazine in which I find these images, as I see the editorial spreads online before they come out most of the time anyway.

A few years ago I was hanging out in my studio with a few girlfriends and  we were talking about creative inspiration and these books I keep.  I took one out and realized that I could pinpoint with some of the pages the necklaces I created from the images on them.  It’s amazing how without even noticing it, I was transferring the connection my mind made with these photos into jewelry….so cool that I went through one of my books today and looked for a few examples to share…


Rebel Girl NecklaceNyoko Rebel Girl Necklace


SketchBookInspiration_02Wish I Could Necklace

Jaquin Wish I Could Necklace


SketchBookInspiration_03Mutant Jazz NecklaceAda Mutant Jazz Necklace


SketchBookInspiration_04Salt Water Sound NecklaceIzumi Salt Water Sound Necklace


SketchBookInspiration_05Little Green Buggy NecklaceKashta Little Green Buggy Necklace

Can you see how the images provided inspiration?  What inspires you?

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  1. Thats awesome, neat blog, very interesting fun to watch it go from creative thought to actual design, your amazing!

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