Finding our rhythm

Finding our rhythm

Oof, we have been very naughty bloggers.  I blame it on two weeks of family in town and the excitement of what to a Northeastern gal, seems like summer arriving although I remember from last year that it will get so much hotter than this when summer does show up!  Then last week Adam gave me his half of a post and it was so bad that I yelled at him that there was no way I could even reply to that crap! No, not really.  It was bad, don’t get me wrong, but I just had him read it over again and we agreed to scrap that post and by then it was Wednesday and we felt we had missed the day to post and there you have it.

We’re trying to find our rhythm of when to write.  The Monday post never works out as we both remember to blog Monday afternoon and once we miss the deadline, we kind of give up.  So bear with us as we figure this out as we have a lot to share and are in it for the long haul.

I did realize though that we never shared our “process” with you about how we write these posts.  Well, we keep a list on my computer of ideas we have randomly and I jot down for later. When it comes time to write, I usually reference said ideas and this inspires us to use one or go in a completely different direction.  Adam goes off to his man space writes his half and emails it to me and I read it over, edit the insane number of typos and then I respond with my half.  If we are lucky enough to be together that day…although he usually is traveling…we read it together after I’m done and edit.  If not, I just do it and post it on the blog.  We found this way works the best for us that Adam writes first and over time Adam has found that he likes to be surprised with my half and just read it online once its done.

Yes, we realize how dorky we are together…its a good thing we found one another!  Now we just have to sit ourselves and write the next post!

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