Fight Night

Fight Night

Hey everyone Adam here,

I figured I would talk about how different my approach to having a little party at our house is compared to Sierras version. Saturday night there was a huge fight on television. So that morning I started making phone calls, letting everyone know I would be ordering said fight and to come on over around 7. Then I went and played golf all day until about 6, leaving me an hour before people were to start arriving. On my way home from the course, I placed a call to the Green Mesquite (amazing Austin BBQ) and ordered 3lbs of various meats, an order of Catfish and 6 sides. I returned home around 6:30 with the food. I threw the food on the counter in the containers and bags it came in and grabbed some plates and forks to be placed next to it. This my friends, is as classy as it gets when I throw a dinner/fight party. I want you to walk in, I’ll direct you to my makeshift buffet, where I did nothing except set plates and silverware next to the food and let you have at it. My dessert choice for the evening was 3 boxes of Fruit Roll Ups that I just threw on the coffee table. They were eaten at a high rate of speed with true ferocity. The party was mostly men but a few of them brought their significant others. The men gathered around my large television and began hooting and hollering at the gladiator like entertainment. That’s perfect for me though, I like this. No formal dining, just a bunch of guys packed on the couch like sardines. Barely any clean up, because I didn’t put the food on to Sierra and my nice serving dishes. Couple plates and forks to clean, everything else in the trash! This is a man’s dinner party! Sierra stayed in her studio the whole time, she has to put up with UFC on at least 5 times a week so she doesn’t much enjoy it anymore. She and the girls had some nice girl time while the men filled the living room with testosterone driven hoots and hollers.

Hey all, Sierra here,

Ah yes…UFC nights. I usually hide in my studio with Adam’s noise reduction headphones on to drown them all out until it’s over. I tried to participate once, but they yelled names at each other so loudly and jumped around the room so much, that you couldn’t see or hear the fight anyway. I love that Adam talks about the easy, no mess factor. Not only did I have to remind him that he had to put out plates, forks and napkins, but I spent two hours loading the dishwasher, scrubbing bbq sauce off the counter, sweeping the floors and taking the garbage and recycling out that night. If I were telling you this in person, there would be a great deal of eye rolling going on. At least during this past fight, two if my girl friends showed up about an hour into it as their significant others were watching with Adam, so I didn’t have to hide alone this time. We hung out in the kitchen and my studio the whole night with one of the guys who wasn’t feeling caveman enough for the other room. We not surprisingly became louder than the guys with our giggling and shrieking while telling stories! We enjoyed our corner of the house with ongoing snacks that I laid out on pretty dishes. And of course, accompanied by cloth napkins. I served pomegranate and Pellegrino spritzers with fresh lemon and lime and managed to find something that with a pretty enough presentation, passed as dessert. As I was bringing the dessert plates to the sink, I noticed Adam walk into the living room with 3 boxes of fruit role ups. I watched to make sure he shared them and witnessed him throwing one at each of his friends. I also noticed that not only did no one mind, but they seemed delighted to have one fall into their laps. I laughed to myself that although the guys put up with our version of a party more often than not, having food literally thrown at them was really just fine as well.

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