Father knows best…

I had to run a plethora of random errands today, many of which took me to Poughkeepsie, which I tend to avoid for as long as possible…because its, well Poughkeepsie. One of these errands is a simple task that costs nothing and makes a huge impact on my life…I swapped my flopping pliers for brand new pairs. How on earth do I manage that you may ask? Well, as a wee lass my father always told me that if I used certain tools over and over again that I should consider using Craftsman tools from Sears…why? Because you walk in, hand them your tools that no longer work their best and are handed back brand new versions…as simple as that. I tend to use my ergonomic bent nose pliers in Edward Scissor Hands fashion and therefore tend to abuse them a bit, but thats ok because I now have 3 brand new pairs, yay!!!

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