Everything happens for a reason…

Everything happens for a reason…A saying that has been said to me many times in life, and as annoying as it is, I have come to believe in very strongly. Half an hour ago I had one of those moments where it had never felt so true.

So I was meant to go on a date tonight that I was rather excited about, but due to my keeping my date up until 3:30 last night because I have the luxury of making my own schedule, when he had to get up at 7:30 resulted in his being sick today. I understood completely and eagerly attacked a pile of work I needed to do and keep putting off…promo prepping.

So here I sit, cutting out the fresh Totally Indie Coupons I received this week and printing Bottle Cap Magnet labels with Lost In Translation playing on the computer when it happened…

(That was the best use of … I have ever encountered)


… I received an email from ioffer about the purchasing of some iphones, and I just ignored it as the wrong email…and then the payment confirmation from paypal showed up, confirming $1770.00 was being taken from my bank account and sent to the seller of the iphones. Holy Crap!!!

First I had to remove a layer because I actually get over heated when I am stressed, then I got my ass on the phone to paypal, where I only had one moment of freak out, which they understood, otherwise we able to rapidly fix the problem as I had contacted them only 10 minutes after it happened. They assured me that I was 100% covered by them and that it would all be ok (those are my absolute favorite words), it just may take a few days.

15 minutes later I received notice from the seller, who immediately reversed the payment to him after paypal contacted him and even though they may take the money out of my account, it will be returned there seconds later.

Imagine if I had been on my date? I would not have seen this until…let’s be real, like 2pm tomorrow! I am so happy that its all over, and don’t worry, I’ll have my date made up too…

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