Every library needs a vintage chesterfield…or do they?

The perfect library couch...in theory

Leather Chesterfields are basically the epitome of library furniture.  However, have you ever sat on one?  The backs are not very conducive to lounging and reading…not squishy enough for me.  And the pretty dusty, really beat up ones…they shed…that dusty old leather ends up all over you.  Bleh. But the glossier versions look a bit shall we say, under distressed for my taste. I also am not into the Pottery Barns idea of distressed, I like my distress to come from wear, not warehouses.

**This by the way, is a dream decorating scenario…in reality, my current library will house the two chairs and drop table that are currently on my porch during the winter months.  Planning the temporary storage solution however made me think that it would be great to have a leather couch in there instead…which resulted in research….and leather lust.

Vintage Leather Chair
Almost Leather Lustworthy

This Vintage Leather Chair could almost do the trick, but when I am afternoon guilty pleasure reading, I like to lie down…and the chair ottoman combo always irritates me and I’d have shoppers regret almost instantly.

Then I saw it…just like when Harold Crick saw the guitar he was meant to own in Stranger Than Fiction (my all time favorite scene from a movie btw) and so good that I have included it for you below in case you either live under a rock and never watched the movie…or just enjoy it as much as I do…

Isn’t that so good???

Any way, so just as Harold knew when he found his guitar, I knew it when I found my dream couch.  Time stood still, I gasped…maybe drooled a little…it was magical…

Dream Library Couch
The stuff decor dreams are made of

Its perfect *sigh*…and I have absolutely no room for it.  The next time I move, if I get to have a bigger library, I’ll at least know what I want.  Although I have selected a vintage custom made sofa…so perhaps I’ll have to be bit flexible….but still I know its out there…

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