Even though I think New Years Resolutions are Bulls*#t…

The Goal (Image from Crash #50)
The Goal (Image from Crash #50)

I used to be a big believer in New Years Resolutions, but in the last few years have come to realize that if I want to get something done, I should just focus on it and get right to it rather then put the pressure of the new year on it. Although, I do love a new beginning…being a long time lover of Mondays and September after all. This year however I got to thinking…well, I always get a bit dark and introspective as the year ends and I tend to sum up what’s been going on. Getting knocked on my butt by strep throat this past week has provided plenty of time for deep thoughts as I have had little energy to do anything else. The most distressing thing I realized was that in an effort to provide myself more room to paint by creating a whole room for it, I have effectively stopped myself from painting, and that sucks. I miss the days when I would unleash my crazy amount of energy on canvases *sigh*. So I am basically promising myself to get back to the state above…really any way I can find a reason to hang around the house naked more often is fine by me…and its easier to clean paint off of me then my clothes as well!

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