Embracing the slow

Embracing the slow


I’m trying something new this year. The three weeks that are my slowest of the year are here, and I’ve just been going with it. This is not easy. Every inch of me wants to freak out that it’s slow. However, two years ago, Adam had enough of my annual spaz out over the slow time and reminded me that it happens every year, so I needed to learn to deal with it. I’m trying, I swear I am. I’ll admit that this year was a little different as I went on vacation for a week, came home, packed, moved, unpacked and then went away again for almost a week. So I was exhausted going into it and may not have cared as much. But now that I’ve rested a bit, I’m officially to the point where I need to be going with it. Yesterday I realized that being a bit more productive during the slow time would be beneficial, but I apparently have two speeds…balls to the wall and stop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my studio every day working, but I’m by no means going above and beyond what needs to get done. There were no huge projects accomplished last week. But I’m ok with that. I can’t really expect to both not freak out AND use this time well…that’s just crazy talk!


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