Easily update your closet for Fall!

Easily update your closet for Fall!

The older I get, the more I subscribe to the idea of buying a much smaller quantity of clothes each season, but making sure the ones I buy are high quality, timeless and look great on me.  I pretty much wear a daily uniform of solid shirt with a printed full skirt and flats.  When I dress up, I switch to a dress and add heels…and the dresses I choose almost always have a defined high waist and full skirt. Like I said, I know what works.  The only downside is, I sometimes get a bit bored with what I have.  Lucky for me, I am a jewelry designer, so I have access to an unlimited supply of jewelry to instantly update whats already hanging in my closet.  I will admit though that there are a handful of pieces that I wear constantly and in fact only add a few new pieces to the rotation each season there as well.  What can I say, I’m a busy girl, I don’t have a great deal of time to spend figuring out what to wear!

PantoneFall201One of my favorite ways to stay in the moment with my classic wardrobe is to check out the Pantone Colors for the season and accessorize with those.  I love color, and its so fun to see what designs come out each season in the new palettes!  Above is the Fall 2011 Pantone Color chart, they are all so pretty!

Now that you know what the most stylish colors are, you need to consider what the jewelry trends are for the season.  This fall, three basic ideals stand out…

1. Bigger is better.  Wearing one statement pieces goes a long way…and means you have to less to decide on that day!

2. Mixing metals is fresh and modern.  Go ahead…mix gold and gun metal!

3. Layering necklaces is a simple and cool way to create your own unique look.  Mix a few long chains, or even pile on the shorter chunkier styles, how you do it is up to you!

Well, now you are armed with the knowledge of the colors and styles of jewelry to adorn your self with for the season…how will you do it?

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