Dreaming of far away places…

Dreaming of far away places…

OceanCastleDreaming of moving to far off places and the planning to move to them are two completely different things.  One is all happy and easy and the other is filled with logistical nightmares such as switching a merchant account for the online business to a different states while not having an address yet and having a huge jewelry event a week after I arrive.  Things like not knowing where on earth the pod will be able to rest for the four days I pack it and did I mention I have no idea where I am living yet????

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  1. I discovered your blog today and totally related to your post. What a treasure in blogger land!! I do it so much and feed myself with armchair travel. It also brings me great sleeping dreams…

    I wish you the move to a place “of your dreams” and may the pod rest and wait patiently for YOU!!!! (Everything else will fall into place: gracing hand, earlobes and decollatages and wrists….just as you intend!!!!).


    1. Oh Evelyn, you comment made my day! Thank you for your sweet words and well wishes, so very much appreciated!!

    1. Fiji…now there’s a place worth dreaming about!

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