Dose of Inspiration: Black & White Bubbles

Dose of Inspiration: Black & White Bubbles


I am so happy to not leave the studio at all today. I think over the last week that I have been out running errands, doing shows and driving all over Austin more then I did all of the month of March combined. As much as I got done, I feel like nothing got done, you know that feeling? Its icky. I had a lot to catch up on with orders and the usual ins and outs of running a business today, but tonight…tonight I need to design the April Necklace for the OOAK Statement Necklace project (which I totally did not do in March…oops). Yeah, so it has to be good. I was feeling it with these bubble/ball/orb images…although Feb was this color scheme, so I would prefer color…stay tuned later this week to see the results!

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