Dose of Inspiration 7.26.12

Dose of Inspiration 7.26.12

Lady of The Deep by Jacques de Vos

Yesterday afternoon, evening and late until the night I helped a good friend finish prepping and packing up for a big show she does every year with her illustrated art and apparel company. There were 4 of us working on the last push, one being the other half the company and my friends husband and the other another gal pal who owns a plushy company. We had a great time gabbing away and getting stuff done.  Its always more fun to work on someone else’s project and as all of us own small businesses, we know how to get to work and do it fast.

It made me think of the years that I had been longing to meet other women, just like me, always thinking that they must be out there, I just simply had to find them.  Well moving to Austin has finally led me to a whole bunch of these ladies and I am now proud to call many of them friends.  I will gladly work by their side until the wee hours of the morning any time, as I know their goals are as high as mine.  It’s like the mother ship finally called me home to my people, ha!

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