Deep thoughts on how Bingo teaches you about business

Deep thoughts on how Bingo teaches you about business

I brought good luck charms…they did not help

What you can learn from Bingo about business:

1. Sometimes you need to shut the f*@k up and focus on what you’re doing.

2. Almost doesn’t count.

3. The more you put out there (i.e. cards you play), the better your chances of winning. I learned this key lesson after using my free bonus from

4. Every card can’t be a money maker, but all it takes is one to recoup your expenses.

5. You won’t succeed unless you try…and try…and try.


Last night about 16 of us gathered at Big Star Bingo in Austin to celebrate our friend Amy’s birthday. There were sunglasses for party favors, japanese candies and cookies for snacks and as you can imagine…a great deal of giddiness. We were shushed over the PA system, by the staff and glared at by all of the very serious bingo players, but we had a great time!


Once the game began, we were focused on playing and didn’t snap any more photos, so please excuse the fuzzy ones we got. I put out a request this morning and was presented with an assortment of goofy iphone photos and these were the best of the bunch and too cute not to share.


Hopefully we can find a Bingo hall that’s a bit more lax in how much fun you’re allowed to have because we want to go back!

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