10 Deep thoughts from the past week

10 Deep thoughts from the past week

Faye and I found some time to relax with family today.

1.  Nothing can stand in my way when I’m on a mission…i.e.: my new cowboy boots are awesome.

2. Eating super healthy requires twice as much food as eating sort of healthy.

3. You can’t taste spinach when you blend it with bananas, vanilla almond milk, protein powder and ice.

4. Just when you relax and think you don’t have to move for another year, you find out that it’s time to start packing.

5. There are only 5 or so styles of bridesmaids dresses.

6. Most wedding dresses are strapless.

7.  Knowing exactly what flatters your figure saves endless time shopping, especially when you tell it to sales people.

8.  There are more people like you out there than you think, you just have to know where to look.

9. Learning about the unexpected lose of a good friend will knock the breath out of you.

10. The harder you work on something, the greater the fear of failure.

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  1. Love those boots!

    Mmm spinach smoothies. I like those.

    1. Thank you Emily!! Spinach smoothies are like the food you never knew you would love until you tasted one…and then you never want to live without them again…so yummy.

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