Deep thoughts from the past week, er…month

Deep thoughts from the past week, er…month

1.  I apparently have very few deep thoughts when I work excessively.

2. I really, really, really want to hang out with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for an evening.

3. Do you see the yellow leaves up on that giraffe plant?? I am horrible at keeping even succulents that have a “tell” when they need to be watered alive, arrrghh!!

4. Moisturizer and iPhone speakers do not play well together.

5. I look better tan…sorry future skin for moving to the south.

6. If everyone keeps telling me how “unique” and “unusual” my designs are, yet I don’t think so…does that mean that I am the “unique” and “unusual” aspect?

7. Trying to predict the future is pretty much impossible…and yet I so badly want to be able to do so.

8. I don’t miss cheese as much as I thought I would.

9.  New white t-shirts are essential every summer, although you don’t realize it until you see the old ones next to the new ones.

10.  Punching things is my favorite way to work out.  That can’t be healthy.

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