Daily Muse: 6.26.11

Daily Muse: 6.26.11

Today is the halfway point between the day I decided to move and the day I actually move to Austin.  6 weeks FLEW by…how did it go so fast???  Fortunately, today is also the first day that I have felt calm about the move and not in a panic of having much to do, figuring out to pay for the pod and moving expenses and of course, if I made the right choice.  All signs point to Texas and everything has been falling neatly into place so much so that its kind of eerie but in a really wonderful way.

I just finished cleaning out the last area of my apartment which had to be sorted out pre packing for the moving sale and even have a little collection of packed boxes in my painting studio.  Its starting to feel very real…which is good, as 6 weeks from tomorrow I will wake up, get on my car and drive to Austin!!!

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  1. you’re moving! Ahhh!!! I was going to move to Texas after I was done with school! Lol I am seriously upset we won’t be on the same coast anymore! I wish you all the luck in the world and safe travels!! xoxo

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