Daily Muse: 5.7.11

Daily Muse: 5.7.11

A gorgeous wall of drawers that I found in a shop in Austin a few weeks ago.  I for a fleeting moment wanted them in my studio, but then I realized that I would most likely never find anything in them.  They are divine though, aren’t they?

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  1. Lovely and very appealing.

    You could always put the same thing in every drawer, and then you won’t have trouble finding where you put things…?

    1. Valid point! However, with jewelry materials, that may be tough 😉

  2. A great catalog, for certain! I found one in an antique store in Muskogee, Oklahoma, but with a $3,000.00 price tag, it was a no-go. Besides, it was so HUGE, we would have had to pay a pretty price to move it, not to mention, we would actually have to knock down a wall to get it into the house. I still dream about it, imagining all of the 162 drawers with labels, and how many times I would have to rearrange them in alphabetical order as I filled them.

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