Daily Muse: 5.23.11

Daily Muse: 5.23.11

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I almost freaked out last night.  The thoughts in my head went like this: I move to Austin in 10 weeks.  I have given my notice that I am leaving on the 7th with both my apartment and my day job.  I however cannot really get an apartment or apply for a new day job for another 6 weeks.  I having been checking  out my options daily, there are an abundance of what I am looking for in both areas, so logically I know that it will all work out.  However.  I’m in a position where I can’t really visualize where I’m going yet.  I have no idea what lies ahead for awhile.

So I decided on a logical next step, I took a quick nap.

I woke up 45 minutes later, wiped the sleep from my eyes and realized that I had two options: 1. have a panic attack or 2. channel all of my excess energy into cleaning out what I don’t want to drag around with me and making Manic Trout the best damn little jewelry (and hopefully accessories!) company it can possibly be.

I went with option 2.  I may not be able to see where I’m going yet, but as the next step comes into focus I plan on hitting the ground running at a full sprint.  I am ready to enter the next era as fiery ball of enthusiasm and live up to that moniker Manic which I wear so well…helloooooo world, here I come!!!

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  1. Sierra,
    I love Austin, TX and I think you’ll love it, too! What an exciting thing to be moving to a new city that is filled with artistic and eclectic people. I know you’ll be able to transfer your Manic Trout creativity there and thrive. Good luck!


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