Daily Muse: 5.19.11

Daily Muse: 5.19.11

I am starting to get really excited about decorating a new apartment.  I am leaving some furniture behind…basically the stuff I don’t love that made it past the big edit when I moved last year.  I’m only taking what I absolutely love.  I couldn’t sleep last night I was so excited planning some details of my studio when I move.  I am getting rid of my jewelry desk, as it was something my dad found for me a few years ago to be a temporary fix.  I actually have two tall and narrow tables which I have used in my studio for a few years and love.  I am going to try and finally evolve to a higher work space so I can stand to work easier.

It’s hard to make any concrete decisions without seeing the space, but at this point I have moved so many times I know what I can and can’t plan ahead.  Does anyone else do this?  Do you plan ahead even before you have a space, just because you can’t wait to make it yours?

image from House Beautiful via This Is Glamorous

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