Daily Muse: 5.18.11

Daily Muse: 5.18.11

Do you ever have those times in life when you throw yourself with all your energy and strength into something?  I’m working myself a bit aggressively to the bone with Manic Trout and cleaning out the excess of my apartment. I do however have a grin on my face through it all…it feels good to have a mission.

Getting rid of stuff is kind of like wringing water from a sponge.  I looked around and found tons of stuff that I have no idea why I still have it.  Then a day later, I realize there still stuff in cupboards and closet to go away…and then two days later, I see something else.  Its all sitting in my painting studio ready to go to new homes and I every time I look at it all, I’m relieved and so glad to be saying good bye.  Ahhhhh, less stuff.

Speaking of which, I’m happy to report that out of 35 shelves of books (and most were stacked two deep) I am only keeping 8 shelves of books!  My favorite art, fashion and decorating books, a few cookbooks, some of my childhood picture books and a shelf of the business books I use as reference.  I am so proud of myself for letting go of years and years of book hoarding…er, I mean collecting.

On the Manic Trout front, I have been cleaning out shelves, boxes and drawers like a madwoman there as well.  Supplies I don’t use are either gone or being sold and past inventory has started going on sale.  I have two upcoming shows and have already stocked the inventory to the gills for the shows and am good to go!

Ok, I’ll admit that for the past week I keep forgetting to eat and my body feels like I’ve been beaten up…but well, its no coincidence that I named my company Manic Trout…the mission continues!

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