Daily Muse: 4.25.11

Daily Muse: 4.25.11

we heart it

I spent the day yesterday with most of my sisters and mom…Holly is in Texas, so she was with us via ichat for a bit, but sadly not the whole day.  Much of our day together was spent cooking, eating or cleaning the kitchen, we did however spend some time lounging on the living room, cuddling with all the dogs and discussing upcoming events and family stuff.

Thea is about to graduate from the prep school we all went to and this is marking the closing of a 20 year chapter for our family being at that school.  It also means that my mom and step father will have an empty nest and have started to plan their move south.  For me, it means that my promise to live near Thea while she went to high school is about to be fulfilled and I too am free to move on.

I keep talking about my desire to live near the ocean, and asked my mom yesterday when I first started talking about this desire.  She told me that I first told her that when I was two years old.  Well.  I think its about time then.

So I am slowly staring to make my plan.  I have a when…next March I am making the move, but now I need the where.  I have narrowed it down to the areas around Savannah, Georgia, the Chesapeak Bay Area and near Virgina Beach.  I plan on visiting each spot this year to search the residential areas and narrow down my search.  Its exciting, scary, thrilling…I can’t wait!  If anyone has any input of great ocean towns, or these places or anything really…would love to hear it!

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  1. I vote for Savannah. I love it there and it might be a perfect new home for you…and Manic Trout 🙂

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